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Improved working efficiency with rack operations.

The 3D Freezer®︎ dedicated rack uses the basic size of the aluminum trays (800 mm x 550 mm), and the tray shelves can freely be designed (standard 20 shelves 70 mm pitch). Furthermore, we also offer not only the rack operation, but also the tray-in type. We also offer optional specifications that allow loading of a France top plate (600 mm x 400 mm), a 6-piece top plate (530 mm x 380 mm), an 8-piece top plate (430 mm x 340 mm) and hotel bread (each type).

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  • ラック運用

Flexibly supports installation layouts

  • Flexibly supports installation layouts
  • Standard rack is a parent-child stand type. We offer flexible designs to meet your manufacturing process, such as an embedded type to make the floor surface flat, or slopes or lifters and the like.

We can accommodate individual designs to suit your manufacturing process.

We offer flexible designs such as for dedicated to refrigeration, dedicated to freezing, or both refrigeration and freezing, depending on your usage.

Controller installation can freely be determined.

  • Controller
  • The controller is separately installed for the rack-in type. Installation to the side of the main unit is also possible, thereby increasing the degree of freedom for installation locations.

Touch panel makes operation intuitive

Implements a display that can easily be understood even by beginners and offers easy operation, such as for selecting the freezing mode, setting the temperature, and the operating status. If you register frequently used refrigeration settings to the memory, you can call them up quickly, thereby making refrigeration work easy.

  • Touch panel makes operation intuitive
  • Touch panel makes operation intuitive

Simplifies refrigeration operation with the memory feature

  • memory feature
  • You can assign names to unique refrigeration settings and register up to 8 settings. The registered setting is displayed by touching the memory key on the initial screen, making refrigeration work quick.

Ductless structure; maintains a hygienic refrigeration environment

  • The ductless structure of the 3D Freezer®︎ has no dead corners that can become a hotbed for bacteria. Furthermore, the inside of the system can be water cleaned, so hygiene is remarkably improved. Furthermore, with the optional floor-tank specifications, the seamless, all-stainless steel floor tank structure cleans and lubricates drainage, and exhibits higher effects when cleaning the inside.

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