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2 types available: 1 door or 2 door

We offer a line-up of 2 types for the frequency of use of the rapid freezer and an amount to be frozen at one time. We recommend the 1 door type for storing food in the shop, and the 2 door type for uses of freezing amounts exceeding 10 trays at multiple shops.

  • 1-door type France top plate size Tray standard 8 shelves
  • 2-door type France top plate size Tray standard 8 shelves x 2

Inside of refrigerator is France top plate size

The French top plate is the basic size (600 x 400), the tray shelf can freely be changed from the standard 8 shelves (75 mm pitch) to 12 shelves (50 mm pitch). Also, supports hotel bread type as an option with 6 and 8 top plates.

Built-in condensing unit; requires no plumbing work

Requires no coolant plumbing work because the air-cooled condensing unit is built-in. Compact design to fit in any installation space. Adopts coolant R-404A which is gentle on the earth. We also offer an outdoor type, separate condensing unit.

Ductless structure; maintains a hygienic refrigeration environment

  • The ductless structure of the 3D Freezer does not have dead corners that can become a hotbed for bacteria. Furthermore, the inside of the system can be water cleaned, so hygiene is remarkably improved.

Touch panel makes operation intuitive

Implements a display that can easily be understood even by beginners and offers easy operation, such as for selecting the freezing mode, setting the temperature, and the operating status.

Simplifies refrigeration operation with the memory feature

  • You can assign names to unique refrigeration settings and register up to 8 settings. The registered setting is displayed by touching the memory key on the initial screen, making refrigeration work quick.

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