Site Policy

KOGASUN Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter, our company) obeys laws relating to personal information, and makes efforts to protect customer personal information according to our privacy policy, and operates and controls our company website (this website) so that our customers can use this website with a sense of security.

When using this website, please understand the following points.

I. When requesting personal information

This website is operated by our company as a part of our services to our customers.

  • Inquiry
  • Registration to our mail magazine
  • Purchases or orders of our products or services
  • Responding to and participation in campaigns or events
  • Response to questionnaires
  • When providing better services by receiving personal information

We will not forcibly request you to provide personal information for any of the items above. Customers should determine whether they will divulge personal information to us.
Customers may use almost all of the services offered through this website without having to provide personal information. However, there are some services that are only available to customers who do provide their personal information. In the event that you do not provide personal information, you will not be eligible to use those services.

II. The following represents the types of information we may request from our customers.

Personal information that we request are for items required for providing each service.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Date of birth; age
  • Telephone number
  • Address and postal code
  • Other items deemed necessary to provide services.

III. Use of personal information for the following purposes.

In the event that you provide us with your personal information, we will explicitly describe the purpose for its use in advance, and only use it within the scope of the purpose of use. In the event that it is necessary to use your personal information to a degree that exceeds the scope of the purpose of use that was explicitly described in advance, we will contact you before use to describe the purpose of use. If we do not obtain your agreement for the new purpose of use, you can deny us the use of that personal information at your own judgment. (However, in the event that it is essential to provide services, those services may no longer be provided to you.)

We will use personal information provided by our customers mainly for the following purposes.

  • To deliver email news
  • To deliver response to inquiries
  • To contact customers as needed
  • To deliver products and services that were purchased or ordered
  • To confirm and contact customers which is indispensable for providing the products and services that have been requested
  • To use for statistical data such as for marketing or product development

IV. Disclosure of personal information

Personal information that you disclose will not be disclosed to any third parties excluding the following cases.

  • When we are required to disclose personal information by order of the law
  • When used to recruit for campaigns or events, ordering products or for paid services When consigning work to a dealer, a carrier, or a settlement company or the like
  • When the customer has agreed thereto

V. Control of personal information

We will properly and carefully control personal information that is given to us. We will implement reasonable protection measures to prevent danger of leaks, loss, misuse, falsification and illegal access or the like. When providing personal information, we will make every effort to ensure safety by using security technology such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted communications or the like as necessary to be prepared for interception by a third party during communications. Furthermore, when we provide statistical information to another party, we will provide only statistical information so that the personal identity of the customer cannot be recognized.

VI. Inquiries, revisions, deletion of personal information

Customers can inquire about, revise or delete their personal information they have provided. If you wish to implement any one of these, please contact us at Only when we have confirmed that you (the customer) have requested that will we disclose, revise or delete the personal information that we control, within a reasonable range, to prevent leakages of customer personal information to any third parties. However, in the event that it could hurt another customers life, personal being or assets or the like, or we may judge that there could be notable damage to the execution of our business.

VII. Cookies and access

We use cookies in portions of this website to customize service content based on what our customers viewed in the past when they revisit our website. Cookies is a worldwide standard technique for small-scale information that is saved on your hard disk by the website sending to your browser to identify your computer. Our company does not store customer personal information that is in cookies.

You can reject receiving cookies, or display a warning when receiving them by changing your browser settings. However, if you do, service contents can become restricted, and may not be provided normally. Also, we record access logs of computer information of people who access this website for the following purposes. Access logs include the date and time of the access, the domain name, the IP address, the type of browser and the OS type and other information.

  • Status of website use
  • Statistical analysis of website
  • Maintenance and control of website
  • Website problem solving and others

VIII. Inquiries

Contact us at if you wish to inquire about personal information.

  • We suitably amend and update our privacy policy.
  • In the event that we amend our privacy policy, we will publish notification on this website.

Thank you
September 20, 2005