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Supports roll-in carts from
all steam convection oven manufacturers

Shares large steam convection ovens and roll-in carts, and efficiently and rapidly refrigerates large volumes of prepared foods. Supports food preparation systems including lunch centers, central kitchens, and large hospitals and the like.

Maximum: 1/1 hotel bread; 40 sheets

Installed with cold air leak shutters

Installed with shutters that prevent leaks of cold air when pre-cooling. Shortens pre-cooling times and conserves electricity. (Design patent pending)

Easy-to-use control panel

Touch-type control panel makes operation of high functions easy, with an easy-to-understand display. Implements a display that is easy-to-understand even for beginners and easy operation, such as selection of the refrigeration mode, automatic cleaning mode selections and the like.

Enables fine control by combining the three refrigeration operation modes.

Simplifies refrigeration operation with the memory feature

You can assign a name to memory functions for frequently used refrigeration settings. You can display the refrigeration settings stored in memory by touching the memory on the initial screen, the next time you use the system. If you select a refrigeration setting, you can quickly implement rapid refrigeration work.

Complete cleaning with one-touch for automatic cleaning and drying function (optional)

Installed with three modes you can select according to the degree of uncleanliness. Automatically cleans and dries the system simply by your pressing a button. (Cleaning solution is automatically supplied from a cleaning solution bottle.) Also, because the inside of the system has a ductless structure, there are no dead corners that can become a hotbed for bacteria. Water washing and cleaning are simple.

  • automatic cleaning
  • automatic cleaning

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