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Greatly reduces installation space

The 3D freezer®︎requires no cooling air recirculation duct space, so the size of the main unit can be made more compact.
Compared to general spiral conveyors, space is reduced approximately 30% or more. The KOGASUN 3D Freezer®︎ spiral conveyor type enables large volume refrigeration and freezing even in facilities with little or no installation space.

installation space

Design refrigeration and freezing specifications for your use

  • We offer flexible designs such as dedicated refrigerators, dedicated freezers, or dual use refrigerator/freezers, to be in line with your use. We can provide designs individualized to your specific manufacturing process.

Smoothly moving mesh belt

Direct drive specification that drives the net with plastic gears and smoothly moves the mesh belt.

  • mesh belt
  • mesh belt

Control panel offering intuitive operation

The control panel displays information ranging from the internal temperature to the operating status, in an easy-to-understand manner. Operation is intuitive.

  • Control panel offering intuitive operation
  • Control panel offering intuitive operation

Ductless structure; maintains a hygienic refrigeration environment

The ductless structure of the 3D Freezer®︎ has no dead corners that can become a hotbed for bacteria. Also, in the floor-tank specification with standard equipment, the seamless, all-stainless steel floor tank structure cleans and lubricates drainage, and exhibits higher effects when cleaning the inside. Cleaning is easy so requires no excessive ancillary equipment or structure.

Supports belt cleaning and CIP automated cleaning

We also provide an optional belt cleaning device and CIP internal automatic cleaning device. Eliminates the trouble of cleaning, and offers shortened working hours.

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